IBM Selectric III

IBM Selectric III



The same typecast again but in pure text format:

IBM Selectric III

After some very busy months, I finally found some time for an update on my blog. Even if I didn’t manage to post anything here, I was not completely idle regarding typewriters. Even if my first typeball machine (Hermes 808, see my last post) was a quite disapointing experience,
it got me quite interested in this fascinating technology.

This resulted in several attempts to get another typeball machine, ideally 
in working condition or at least easily repairable.

This hunt finally made me the owner 
of now four such typewriters: the initial Hermes 808, an IBM
 Selectric II (not working), a
 second Hermes 808 (not working either) and finally this IBM Selectric III, probably dating from 1981 and in perfect working condition.

Even if I still really like my mechanical Hermes Ambassador (with electrical carriage return), this IBM is now my clear favourite: it types really well and the correcting feature and interchangable typeheads make it the perfect work horse.

Winterthur, 28. July 2014


4 thoughts on “IBM Selectric III

  1. Nice looking machine. The near-perfect output and the wonderful keyboard are the reasons they were loved by millions. They were designed to be dependable office workhorses that were used everyday. Enjoy!

    • Thank you for your comment. I fully agree with you except for the keyboard. From the 3 IBMs I own (a Selectric II, a Model D Executive and the Selectric III) the two older ones really have wonderful keyboards, but this is unfortunately not the case for the Selectric III: it just feels quite cheap (or modern…) compared to the others. This is one of the major reasons I have kept the Selectic II, even if I’m not yet shure if I will manage to get it working.

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